16 Aug 2017

Today we had breakfast and then we had the warm up. After the warm up, we had three hours Train your brain. At 12am we went for lunch. The food was really great. At 13pm, we met in the meeting point. At 13.12pm, we went to Billa and some people were allowed to buy food. After that, we had a little break. We went to Train your brain + and after Train your brain +, we had dinner. The food was very tasty. It was chicken with rice and salad. After dinner, we had a break and then we played „HERZBLATT“. It was really funny. For the juniors, it was roomtime at 09:30pm. For older kids, it was 10.00pm. Then it was bedtime (sleeptime).

Flora Lea Emrich, 2.Klasse AHS


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